90° Swivel Elbow Adapter



90° Swivel Elbow Adapter

  • Sản xuất: USA, UK
  • Ứng dụng: Compressed air


Mô tả sản phẩm

90° Swivel Elbow Adapter, 1/8″ tube O/D, 1/8″ NPT thread

  • Ready to use
  • Over 1,000 composite push-in pneumatic fittings
  • Releasable stainless-steel grab-ring to grip nylon or polyurethane tube (85 or 95 durometer)
  • Nickel plated brass components
  • Pre applied thread sealant on all taper threads and recessed captive O-ring on parallel threads
  • Internal and external hexagons on straight fittings
  • Immediate quality sealing using silicone free U-packing
  • Mounting holes on all union fittings
  • Introducing Miniature Pneufit M an ultra compact alternative where space is at a premium
Shape: Elbow
O/D Tube: 1/8
Thread: 1/8″ NPT
Series: Pneufit M
Tube sizes: 1/4″
Media: Compressed air
Grab-ring: Stainless steel
Seals: NBR
Body: Plastic PBT
Shape: Elbow
Collar: Nickel plated brass
NPT: 1/8″ NPT
O/D Tube: 1/8

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